Eames弯曲木餐椅由著名设计师Charles Eames和他的妻子Ray Eames于1946设计,是设计史上的经典作品,至今仍享有盛名。
椅面 :优良的木质(采用多层实木压制而成的曲木,表面饰清漆),多种弧度的款型,美观耐用;
椅背  :仿照人体曲线精心设计的靠背,线条时尚幽雅。椅身紧贴脊椎部分,与人体同步移动。让您全无拘束,悠然自得。
特点 :依据腰椎的人体工学,采用贴身曲线设计,形成向外张力,带给坐者绝佳的舒适感。





Herman Miller is providing its customers with an exclusive program intended to enrich their connection to the world’s most renowned product designs. Called Herman Miller Select, the program offers an opportunity to own a limited edition product released once a year with a distinct characteristic for collector appeal.

The company’s first Select product release will include the Eames(R) Molded Plywood Lounge Chair, fashioned with a luscious walnut veneer and refined leather hairhide upholstered seat and back. Gregg Vander Kooi, manager of Herman Miller’s Classics, notes that the Select program was born out of the increasing demand from collectors for classic products with unique enhancements.

“Charles and Ray Eames often experimented with different finishes and materials for their designs. This version of the chair was offered in the 50’s and 60’s and we thought this would be a great way to allow our customers to own a similar share of design history.”

If you want one you better act fast! Only 500 chairs will be available for this inaugural year from the company’s global network of dealerships and retailers. Each piece sold will be numbered for authenticity and packaged with a signed and numbered print of the Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair by Nick Merrick of the famed Hedrich Blessing studio.